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Strategic Plan Workshop Facilitation 

Without a plan in place, you are on a road to nowhere. Todd will help you create a successful strategic plan, or update your current plan. Through proper facilitation, Todd will help to create buy in from stakeholders, which in return will provide a  fruitful strategic plan for your organization, inorder to promote longterm success within your organization. 

Campaign Pitch

Professional Coaching 

Professional athletes use the best of the best coaches. As a business professional, you should also have a coach to help you continue to progess through your career, and set yourself 'Above The Rest.'  

Todd will help coach you to lead the best, and manage the rest. 

Contact Todd for a consultation to see what type of coaching is best for you and where you want to go. 

Business Meeting

Keynote Speaker 

A Keynote speaker not only sets the tone for the event, but also provides motivation for the audience to go out and make a difference in their community. Todd's keynote addresses focus on Getting Back to the Basics, Leadership Within, and Strategic Plan Implementation. Todd is able to tailor his address to your specific audience, so they can get the most out of a motivational keynote address. 

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